Blogging! I miss you!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gosh. Blogger used to be the only reason I look for 2mrw. I remember thinking about what my next post would be. I would get high just receiving messages on my tagboard. I would spend days just creating a new blogskin and smile from ear to ear when people praised my clean and simple but nice blogskin. I would volunteer making blogskins for my friends. I remember begging my friend Samuel for weeks, begging him to please lend me his photoshop so that i can install and use. I remember getting all sexcited editting pics and putting them in my entries. Haha. I even remembered being jealous of a certain blogskin designer and tag on her tagboard as an anonymous. I remember making a website using blogger for this entrepreneur's competition. The good old days. It used to be about blogs.

And then now, there's facebook and twitter and tumblr. People don't post long entries with words no more. They just repost stuffs (read: images, gifs.) they like and posting rants (read: a sentence or two) on twitter and facebook every min. No, i have yet to be in the same league as my generation. I only have facebook.

The whole point is my life is getting boring. It has no purpose. I used to have ngaji that I would attend classes for 2 hours mean and I have this space to update things. Now that I have khatam and no longer blogging, my life is even more drab.

I was thinking, maybe I should get in the habit of blogging once more. Readers are usually my driving force to continue blogging but obviously I won't get any replies to my entries because I do not advertise my blog no more, not like last time. But at least I'll have something, something to look foreward to everyday. Just like last time.

The right attitude

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today I experienced for the first time how a photoshoot is like with actual models. Models being humans and not non-living objects.

I realised that a model has to have the right attitude. They need to realise that we are using them to do our job. It is absolutely not about them. Diva-ish attitude is definitely a no-no. It makes the job of the photographer and also the art director much harder than it already is.

Another thing, communication. You really have to cooperate with not just the AD or P but the whole process and be comfortable around us. If not, you would be so awkward and stiff. Well maybe it's not the job of the AD or P but I think that if they make an effort to get to know their models it would definitely be less awkward for everybody.

Ok, these are based from my observations behind-the-scenes at a photoshoot so do not condemn whatever I just said because really, what do I know about modeling.

Anyways Yuhao supposedly enrolled herself in dance lessons today and she got me excited to join too! I really really want to learn so bad I've been begging my mom since two years ago! WO YAO DANCE!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally! I think it has been more than a year since I last read anything from my favourite author, Sandra Brown. It seems that I have read all of her thrillers available at JE library. I was on cloud nine today when I spotted two "new" novels on the shelves I immediately grabbed them without reading the sypnopsis. Tsk. That is how Sandra is with me.